Six Reasons You Need a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

No one ever expects an accident or an unexpected fall, and we do our best to avoid these sorts of unfortunate events. But, when a pallet falls and crushes your foot or someone not paying attention makes a mistake that leaves you unable to earn a living, you need help.

Luckily, there are Sacramento workers' compensation lawyers that can help you get the money you need to keep your life together while you heal, and help you pay any medical bills that might come your way. However, most people don't know when they should start looking for legal help. The items in the following list are clear indicators of when you need a workers' compensation attorney.

1. Denial of a Claim/Failure to Receive Benefits

It's common for employers and workers' comp insurers to reject legit claims for compensation, knowing workers won't appeal. As a matter of fact, around 80 percent of injured people who are rejected after applying for workers' compensation don't appeal their case. But, with the support of a good workers' compensation lawyer in Sacramento, you will have the best chances of winning your appeal and getting what is owed to you.

2. The Settlement Fails to Cover Lost Wages or Medical Bills

You may not know just how much compensation you need to receive after an injury, but don't expect a judge in your case to give you a fair sum. Though it is required that worker compensation settlements are approved by a judge, the judges typically sign off on any agreement that is not ridiculously unfair. Still, this might not cover everything. For the best results, contact an attorney for help.

3. Medical Issues Stop You From Working

When an injury is so grave that it could lead to permanent total disability or permanent partial disability, you could be owed weekly lifetime payments to cover all of the wages that you will lose. Under this circumstance, the case can be very costly to insurance companies, and they will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying you all the money you are due. However, with the support of a competent workers' comp attorney, your odds of an outcome in your favor, if your case involves a permanent life-changing injury, are better.

4. You Are on Social Security

When workers' compensation payments are not planned correctly, Social Security could be owed a huge chunk of those funds or benefits. With the help of an experienced lawyer, your compensation can be planned in a way that will keep Social Security from absorbing your cash.

5. Your Employer Retaliates Against You

If, after you have filed for workers' compensation, your employer demotes you, cuts your hours, outright fires you or looks for other ways to punish you, you need legal representation. By contracting a workers' compensation lawyer, you can defend yourself from petty attacks.

6. A Possible Third-Party Claim

Though workers' compensation is designed to keep work injury cases out of the civil tort system, you can still sue a third party aside from your employer if that party's negligence caused the injury. For example, if you are a delivery driver and you were hit by a motorist who wasn't paying attention, you can file a civil lawsuit against the other driver and file for workers' compensation. Often, civil damages are worth more than workers' comp settlements because they deal with non-economic damages like pain and suffering. A workers' compensation lawyer can step in to help manage your complex case and get what is owed to you.